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You, oh beautiful woman, are the centre of our world.

You, oh beautiful woman, are the centre of our world.

Huffing and panting, she returns from her jog. As she downs her glass of honey and lemon water, she prepares for a healthy breakfast of egg whites and muesli.

“Mummy!” came a squeal from somewhere behind her. 

The needle on the machine had given her immense joy today. The stones were dropping at an exciting pace. 

“Mummy, come here quickly!”

She took her daily dosage of dietary supplements. After all, beauty comes from hard-work, too.


“For heaven’s sake, quiet down!” she yelled involuntarily.

Her little daughter’s drooping eyes made her regret her anger immediately. Tears sprang into her eyes and helpless sobs built up.

Why does she feel as though she is losing herself in the hustle and bustle of monotonous routine, behind the smile that looks perfectly good but is in fact painted on? 

Surprising as it may sound, despite the rising awareness about physical health among the women of today, it is often their mental well-being that is neglected. A woman is the pivot of the household. She undertakes multiple responsibilities with a resolve of perfection and in the rush of it all forgets to think that she is human, too.

Today’s woman has ventured into the realm of physical and aesthetic care with much gusto. We see toned bodies, we see painted and decorated faces. We see effective diet plans and a plethora of beauty products on her dressing table. But walk past that facade of stability and you might just find a simpleton facing her blues. Often in taking care of her myriad responsibilities, it slips her mind that she owes to herself the freedom of emotions. She does not realize that her depression might be a possible medical alarm. She must reach out and seek help for the same.

The solutions available are quite simple. Something as accessible as a yoga class can help her identify her emotions and fight with them. There are support groups that come together and discuss these issues, all over the world. There are professionally trained therapists who can read her mind like no one else and help her through this ordeal. Taking the first step towards health is all she needs to do. Support from friends and family is but a call away.

On the eve of Women’s day, let us take a step back to give the women in our life a chance to look into themselves and look clearly. It is a humble request to all the XX chromosomes struggling day and night for the well-being of everybody else, to reach out for professional help should need arise. She should know that her mental health is a zone of concern and we can work on it together until it does not hurt anymore. 

You, oh beautiful woman, are the centre of our world. Today is the day all women resolve to take better care of themselves.

Dr. Manisha Bandishti

Dr. Manisha Bandishti provides medically supervised programs based on the scientific concepts of total fitness and is highly experienced in providing comprehensive solutions for lifestyle modifications which are aimed at early intervention and prevention of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes and other heart diseases.

Establishing a society where individuals learn and inculcate a scientific approach to build a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

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