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Flaxseed health benefits.

Flaxseed health benefits.

Flax seeds are also called as flax or linseeds. They are commonly known as ‘Javas’ in Marathi.

Flaxseeds are a popular health food. This is due to their high content of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acid (Alpha-linoleic acid (ALA)), dietary fibre, several B vitamins and dietary minerals.

Flaxseeds have numerous health benefits:-

1. Reduces risk of cancer.
Flaxseeds help in fighting breast, prostate ovarian and colon cancer.

2. Lower Blood Pressure.
Flaxseeds are effective in lowering the blood pressure which may help fight heart diseases.

3. Reduces Blood Cholesterol.
Including flaxseeds in the diet can naturally reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood leading to a healthy heart.

4. Aids in weight loss.
Flaxseeds are so full of healthy fiber, which helps one feel satisfied longer so you will eat fewer calories overall which may lead to weight loss. In short, it reduces hunger and decreases cravings.

5. Resolves menstrual problems
Flaxseeds help in improving the irregularities in menstrual cycle, its regular consumption can also decrease the risk of hot flashes among post-menopausal women.

6. Flaxseeds are Gluten free
Flaxseeds are a great way to naturally replace gluten grains which are inflammatory where flax is anti-inflammatory. Hence it is good for those who have celiac disease or have gluten sensitivity.

7. Good for skin and hair
Flaxseeds have anti-aging properties. They keep your skin moisturized, smooth and help to prevent skin from drying out.

They are full of essential vitamins and minerals which provide nourishment to hair and make them stronger and healthier. They also help in reducing dandruff and dry scalp.

Consuming approximately 2 tsp. of lightly roasted flaxseeds with lunch and dinner every day should be a lifestyle!

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