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O Womaniya, what is messing with your health?

O Womaniya, what is messing with your health?

We’re strong and resolute human beings. We make the impossible, possible. We turn dust into stardust and children into responsible human beings.

What is it, then, that holds us back from creating miracles with our own health?

After closely studying the average Indian woman’s life, we found a few reasons why you are not as “pink” in your health as you should be.

1. We’re worrywarts.

Take a deep breath and look around you. You will notice at least three spots that need cleaning and two kids that need feeding.
Let the floor be messy today. Let your child make a mistake on his homework. Go for a walk instead.
We waste our breath on several futile worries and stress ourselves out. Not only does this take away the urge to work out but also causes other physiological health issues.

2. We compare.

Our health goals are always measured by someone else’s scale. If your neighbour has lost 5kgs but you’ve only lost 2, that’s still okay. A battle isn’t lost until you stop and your battle isn’t against your neighbour, anyway.
Set realistic goals for yourself and work towards them ardently. Everything else will fall into place.

3. “But first, his board exams.”

Why do your health issues get lesser priority than an exam in your little one’s life? By choosing to work on yourself for a little while, you are not committing a crime. These are two different aspects of your life and must not be ignored.

4. We give up.

Results are not instant. Consistent efforts in the right direction will definitely lead to the desired results, but only with time. We often get disheartened in the initial- and the toughest- phase of our endeavour.

5. We don’t have a guiding light.

There is no one to advice us on the best practises for our health and body type. Seek out health and lifestyle consultants. They can help you to build the perfect diet and exercise plan for the most long-lasting results. Let’s get started on the journey to perfect health!

With will-power and consistent efforts, your health goals can be realized. So, don’t hold back. Remember what PINK, the movie told us:
Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal,
Tu kis liye hataash hai?
Tu chal, tere wajood ki,
Samay ko bhi talaash hai.

Dr. Manisha Bandishti

Dr. Manisha Bandishti provides medically supervised programs based on the scientific concepts of total fitness and is highly experienced in providing comprehensive solutions for lifestyle modifications which are aimed at early intervention and prevention of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes and other heart diseases.

Establishing a society where individuals learn and inculcate a scientific approach to build a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

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