Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire

Healthy Lifestyle

By answering the following questions, this Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire becomes a tool to help you better understand your own lifestyle and its affects on your health. The questionnaire provides you with a starting point to act as a guide to help you make new and healthy lifestyle changes.

This questionnaire is only a rough screening for heart disease which helps in self-assessment and elicits the need to take precautionary measures for preservation of good health.

  • 01

    How old are you?

  • 02

    Are you male or female?

  • 03

    How would you describe you body and physical condition?

  • 04

    How many members of your family have a history of heart disease?

  • 05

    How often do you eat-out, consume junk food and fast-food?

  • 06

    In general, which type of foods do you mostly like to eat?

  • 07

    Do you a smoke cigarettes or have you used tobacco related products in the past?

  • 08

    Are you physically active and exercise regularly or do you have no exercise or irregular physical activity?

  • 09

    Have you had you blood cholesterol checked recently?

  • 10

    Have you had you blood pressure checked recently?

    Systolic Blood Pressure in mm/Hg

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    World Heart Day 2018
  • World Heart Day 2018

    Dr Manisha Bandishti celebrates World Heart Day 2018.

    World Heart Day is aimed at creating greater awarenes of heart illnesses and the associated health issues.

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