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Dr. Vikram Maiya DMRT, MD

   I am 37 yrs. I was detected with diabetes in 2011. My initial fasting sugar was 200 and my post prandial was 260. My initial HBA1C was 12.3. I was put on high doses of insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents. After this my weight also increased. I was referred to Dr. Manisha Bandisti by my good friend Dr. Kanitker and Dr. Sheethal Hegde.

Before I joined the program, I was on 20 units of actrapid in afternoon and on 40 units of levimir insulin at night. I was also on tab metformin and tab diamicron xr. My hba1c was 8.5. My weight was 94 kgs. I joined the program 2 months back with the above parameters.

After joining the program, I followed the diet and exercise plan regularly. I kept a close watch on my sugar and weight. Within 2 weeks my sugars started to stabalize. I slowly started decreasing my insulin. After 6 weeks of starting the program, I was totally off insulin. After 2 months, I lost 10 kgs. My present fasting sugar is 80 and my post prandial is 130. My present hba1c is 6.7. My present weight is 84 kgs. I feel fresh and energetic. All thanks to Dr. Manisha for helping me out with my diabetes and obesity.

Dr. Vikram Maiya

Divya Deshpande

 Hi I am Divya Deshpande.

I have been playing Table Tennis for India for approximately 10 yrs and have won many laurels for the country. Won Silver Medal in Common wealth Youth Games in 2008. Became the Youth National Champion in 2008. Represented India in the Senior World Championship held at Moscow in 2010 etc.

Dr Manisha Bandishti's diet has always been important and very helpful for me. It is necessary for every player to follow a structured diet for best performance!

Divya Deshpande

   I was based in Africa and at the age of 40 detected with type 2 diabetes with fasting sugar ranging from 150 to 160 and post prandial between 200 to 220 and high blood pressure.

I moved to India in 2011 and consultation with diabetologist just helped temporarily as stress and lifestyle remained the same. I consulted Dr. Manisha Bandishti and was prescribed an impeccable diet and a change in lifestyle pattern taking into consideration my work profile.

Within a span of 8 months my weight came down from 86 kgs to 70 kgs and my sugar levels to fasting of 110 and post prandial to 145. HBA1C now shows 5.1 to 5.2 which is a non diabetic range fortunately. My medicines intake has been slashed to just a single tab of low strength both for diabetes as well as blood pressure which is now in the normal range of 120/85. I have been able to maintain not only my weight but sugar level and blood pressure for the past 3 years with her maintenance diet.

Thanks to Dr. Manisha Bandishti I feel energetic all the time. I would highly recommend her to any and all I know.

Arun Lalwani - Hon. Consul of the Republic of Niger

   Dear Madam, I am writing this to express my sincere gratitude for all that you have done for me. Actually you have inspired me to touch new heights in life. I was overweight, diabetic, and very medicated. (I was on Insulin 58 units a day and Creatinine was 1.9 with fluctuating B.P).

I consulted mam in June 2013. My initial weight was 107 kgs. Today my weight is 90 kgs and I feel healthy inside. I have lost almost 17 kgs weight in 8 months and maintained it without difficulty. I lost 4 pant and 2 shirt sizes. B.P is normal, insulin independent and Creatinine is lowered to 1.4. All medicines are reduced by 30%. I feel much healthy and fitter.

Today I get lots of compliments on my makeover and all thanks to Mam Dr. Bandishti.

Mr. Latif

   You are truly a MAGICIAN with a wonderful wand that helps transform people like me into living a healthier Lifestyle..!!!

Never in my dreams did I ever imagine that someday I will gain back my health and be the ideal weight. However after my first session with you, it was clear that your knowledge and research will certainly help me.

I am so happy that I met you. 35 kgs down, looking great and feeling wonderful it's like a gift from heaven presented through you. It’s a dream come true…!!!

Asefa Vijay Kumar - Director of Essential Five Learning Solutions PVT Ltd

   After gaining 28 kg during my pregnancy and being overweight for the first time in my life, I knew I had to make some serious changes. I joined Dr. Manisha Bandishti for post pregnancy weight loss in December 2013 and am back to my pre-pregnancy size in August 2014.

I have been using the Dial a Diet long distance consultation program from Canada, which has been so much more that a weight loss program. My eating habits have improved significantly, and I have gained the strength and confidence to do what is best for my body.

With the constraints put forth - my extensive travel, weight training regimen and the fact that I was breastfeeding – Dr. Manisha created a customized weekly diet for me which delivered steady, consistent results each and every time. The best part is, I did not once feel starved or that I was missing out on something I craved. It was a truly balanced diet which gave me the right nutrients and energy to tackle my workouts and care for my baby.

I highly recommend this program not just for post-pregnancy weight loss, but for anyone wishing for a long-term, positive change in their lifestyle.

Disha Parekh

  •   In last 6 months’ time there is something really positive I have started to experience with my health and that too just by losing weight.

    Thanks to Dr. Manisha for continuous guidance & mentoring making happen 11kgs to weight loss. Entire team has been really helpful and my overall journey there has been memorable.

    Once again heartily thanks for making this change to my life. Being in IT industry, stressed it was looking impossible but it isn’t anymore.

    Thank you Mehul Parekh.

    Mehul Parekh

  •   Weight gain is the easiest thing to accomplish but to lose it is very difficult task. Personally for me I had tried herbal life, giving up non veg, sweets etc. nothing helped. A friend recommended Dr. Manisha and she was like a miracle worker within 2 months I lost 7 kilos.

    This has happened with the diet she prescribed and regular exercise (walking).

    Thank you for this life style change, it has truly made me conscious of what I eat and drink. Cheers to good health!!!

    Lolita Pereira

  •   It was a wonderful journey of ‘weight loss’ which I had here with Dr. Manisha Bandishti. She is a real friendly person without any air & tries to understand the patient’s psyche.

    I was around 83kgs when I came here & now have reached 71.5kgs which makes me really happy, proud and confident.

    I would recommend every individual who are struggling with weight issues, to come & visit her & take assistance from ma’am. You need to have a healthy lifestyle and remain fit & fine forever!

    Koyal Duttagupta

  •   Because of being short and obese I had a number of problems couldn’t do all the desired activities and had low self-esteem & confidence. This diet programme has helped me a lot not only has it changed my diet pattern but has made me feel good about myself.

    I’m more confident now, my stamina has increased and overall it has made me really very happy.

    Thanks to Dr. Bandishti, who has made it all possible. She is the major reason for this great change in me. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

    Ketaki Ladi

  •   Dr. Manisha has changed my life completely. Having about 20+ kgs reduced by her help and diet consultation. I can now feel free of all the pain and aches.

    She is the only person in my life who said I’ll be able to reduce though I have hypothyroid. Every week and 1 kg drop in healthy manner can only be Dr. Manisha Bandishti “The Magician”. She brings confidence and positivity in me. I admire her a lot and would always be grateful to her. Have done 5 marathons & 1200km BRM with her results she teaches to love your body and not over do or ill treat your body with no food.

    Thanks Dr. Manisha. You are angel to human kind.

    Regards & love Jiggyasa

    Jigyyasa Jogi

  •   I came to know about this program and madam through my uncle. At the start, I was unsure whether I would be able to do it or not. But madam helped me a lot and guided me about diet from time to time.

    Plus I was exercising regularly this combination of RIGHT DIET & EXERCISING worked wonderfully. I started losing weight & I was so happy to see that every week I used to lose more than 1kg. I would achieve the goal set by my wife of 78kgs in 3months only because of guidance by madam. I came down from 90kgs to 77kgs.

    I celebrated my success by going on a trip for 7days and even there I was able to maintain my weight as guided by madam.

    This weight loss program is wonderful & I would recommend everyone to give it a try. If you really want to change yourself.

    Thank you Madam…

    Dr. Amol Raskar

  •   It was a great experience! I had taken the 2 months program & managed to loose 10kgs.

    Dr. Bandishti made me realize losing weight can be fun & easy if done with right food and guidance.

    Thank you to Dr. & the whole team for being do wonderful & helpful.


    Devika Joshi

  •   This diet program is very realistic to the individual needs of the patients. It not only involves weight loss & inch loss but focuses on the lifestyle change which can be achieved by the patient.

    I am very satisfied with the result. Under her guidance I could learn a lot not just about weight loss but how to incorporate realistic change. Thank you and wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.
    Best Regards Deepa Desai

    Deepa Desai

  •   This review is for my favorite dietician Dr. Manisha Bandishti. She has made a great transformation in me with her miracle and magic diet.

    Her recipes are easy and effective. I have lost 9 kgs in 2 months. Thank you Manisha from the bottom of my heart.
    Best Regards Benaifer

    Benaifer Mehta

  •   I was struggling with my weight since childhood & no amount of physical activity, gyms etc. seemed to show any result.

    Being a medical student I led a hectic life but after taking the program I learned how to manage my health, maintain the bodyweight & eat healthy… I lost 25kgs and am still losing more.
    Thank you for this, it helped me change my life altogether.

    Aishani Sadre

  •   Dear Dr. Manisha Bandishti, “You are what you eat” – comes across very clearly in the program. So basically I am more sensitive to what I consume. Also I have been able to understand what not to eat and how much to eat. Even more important was to get into the rhythm of exercising. This habit is the biggest take away.

    On a lighter note, this will also force me to cook when my wife is not there, and probably impress her when I master a few healthy dishes.

    Bye thanks!

    Rohit Sadalge

  •   I lost 5kgs in a month my experience with Dr. Manisha for the past 8 to 10 sittings was amazing, and I could not believe the inch loss.

    I found in myself after I started with the chief. I’ve joined all sorts of weight loss programs, but till date I found that Dr, Manisha has a more scientific approach towards weight/ obesity. Truly, she has changed my lifestyle and now dieting is a wonderful n stomach filling experience for me.

    Neha Wadekar

  •   I would recommend Dr Manisha to anyone who is looking forward to have a healthy lifestyle for the rest of the life.

    I lost 9kgs in a period of two months in a very healthy manner, such that it can be followed all my life. Moreover the other changes that you will go through other than weight loss can’t be expressed in words. I am actually very thankful to Dr. Manisha Bandishti.

    Avantika Ahir

  •   Thanks to Dr. Manisha Bandishti, I lost 8 kgs in 6 months. Dr. Manisha is unique because she is a doctor & a fitness expert. What sets her apart is her sincerity, insight into the individual's problems which cause obesity. She is a source of inspiration to become fit.

    So thorough is her treatment that she literally “educated me’. She convinces one to follow the right diet & make necessary lifestyle changes which make one medically fit from within.

    So here’s not just weight loss, but genuine obesity loss. I’m so grateful to her for this.

    Azra Shaik

  •   The sessions changed my lifestyle in a great and true way. I am sure this is going to be the path towards better health and good life.

    Kedar Tokekar

  •   I lost 20 kgs in a period of 1 year. I have refered to many centers before, some being the biggest names in the industry. The difference between those centers & Dr. Manisha Bandishti is that the centers are concerned with the result and the whole process is very mechanical. A machine can’t decide what’s good & what's not for my body.

    Dr. Manisha Bandishti is more concerned with the reasons and why? Therefore you learn, you get to know your body & and achieve the results

    Dr. Manisha Bandishti’s involvement helps you become more aware & this awareness helps to persist with change & the result is permanent.

    Pooja Pawar

  •   I personally thank you for motivating Shreyas, Manisha, Shraddha, Bhushan & me. Just because of you we have started the healthy journey of life!

    Avinash Kulkarni

  •   Got very good response & lost around 8 kgs in 2 months. Got knowledge about diet & food (Carbo, Protein & Fiber). This will help me for rest of my life.

    Also, the kind of knowledge which madam has in so through that even fattest man will get confidence of losing weight.

    I got to know about kind of exercise should do for maintaining fitness level.

    Ashish Chauhan

  •   Weight loss of 17 kgs and able to manage my wheat intolerance, migraines and BP. I gladly recommend Dr Manisha Bandishti for persons with ailments compounded with obesity and a stress full lifestyle.

    Vibha Vaswaney aged 42 years have been obese since over a decade, additionally I suffer from intolerance to wheat and migraines, recently 10 months ago my BP levels had elevated and I had a general feeling of being unwell.

    I moved back to India in 2007 after 15 years and the stressfull and unorganized life here has taken additional toll on my health leaving me with no time for myself.
    I have been consultating with Dr Manisha Bandishti since November 2010 at her clinic and since then I have been able to achieve a weight loss of 17 kgs to date following her diet and excercise and as a result have been able to manage my wheat intolerance, migraines and BP. Levels better. Also the weight loss with a slimmer torso has helped me increase my general well being and confidence.

    I gladly recommend Forheart for persons with ailments compounded with obesity and a stress full lifestyle.

    Vibha Vaswaney

  •   This is my gut feeling today, as I have lost 10 kgs in 3 months. This was a miracle for me at the age of 43 yrs with a very busy lifestyle and knowing half of the things. But Dr. Manisha made me understand about “Lifestyle Management”.

    Throughout the journey she was with me with great support and care. At times, she used to call me, before my query that was so sweet of her. She managed the emotional issue of weight loss very effectively.

    She gives ample of time to everybody and is a patient listener, with a perfect scientific knowledge.

    I wish her all the success for her future.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Smita Datar ( Mumbai)

  •   Weight loss of 6 kgs in 2 months. I found this diet programme different & friendly.

    I have tried many ways for diet control & exercise in many famous gyms & slimming centre, but could not stick to it. It could not control my food caring always broke dietary rules.

    In this diet I have learned the importance of the diet.

    I love exercise especially walls, so it was routinise the exercise over all the clinic is neat & clean. Dr. Manisha is pleasant person, a very supportive in this programme.

    All the Best.

    Shubhangi Deshpande

  •   Weight loss of 8 kgs in 10 weeks. I would like to thank Dr. Manisha for getting me down to a right and a perfect diet for me. I tried various variations in my diet to get down my weight.

    From this course, I learnt what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat,
    and various variations I can try on my diet.

    I learnt various weight training techniques to lose weight.

    I would like to thank Mam & Jijo sir for helping me out in this course.

    Thank you

    Rishabh Bhudhani

  •   Thanks for your support & love. You have given me the right direction to my efforts in weight reduction programme. I feel quite blessed that you came in my life I will cherish this relationship forever. Wishing you all the very Best always.

    Meena Padhye

  •   Weight loss of 10.2 kgs in 8 visits. Dr. Manisha understands the requirement and accordingly plan your diet, which is a big plan, and its her motivation factor which resul in achieving the derived/target goals.

    Well, understood the fact that, if you determine, you can get in. It was an overall very good experience and the result is awesome.

    It is good to notice that you have reduced, and have got a chance to wear old clothes.

    Thanks a lot.

    Mandar Bhagwat

  •   Weight loss of 6.6 kgs in 8 visits. Dr Manisha will tell you the reason behind each diet and each food item that you are eating and you will know how to maintain weight in future.

    Weight loss has always been a sensitive issue for me now that I wanted to get married, it was necessary for me to lose weight. I tried many stuffs till now, but when I met Dr. Manisha, my life style changed forever. She came as an angel and lucky charm for me. I lost weight, my skin complexion improved and the glow was noticeable.

    I always had the fear of gaining weight, during exam time, but during this program I surprisingly lost weight even with no exercise during exam time.

    Thanks a tonne Dr. Manisha Bandisti for bringing this change in my life. I know, I owe a lot to Dr. Manisha my friends notice so much of difference in me, and that I love it!!!

    I am going to keep following her even after my marriage when I get shifted to Mumbai.

    The science behind each diet that I followed will help me in the long run. This is her best part. She will tell you the reason behind each diet and each food item that you are eating and you will know how to maintain weight in future.

    Dr. Manisha has come to my life as an angel & I can keep writing about her.

    All the best to you Mam
    With Love,

    Gauree Pande

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