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Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited

Barclays- BX India

   On behalf of Barclays team, thank you for conducting the “Pillars of Immunity” seminar at Barclays - BX India on 26th June. It was an inspiring yet simple & pragmatic giving solutions to stay healthy in day-to-day life especially during this pandemic. More than 80 employees got benefited from it. Please find excerpts of what Barclays employees are saying about it!

Ruqsana Nuruddin | VP | Design lead - Connected Platform, MarTech & Info Business | BUK Shared Technology | Barclays UK

   I have found Dr. Manisha Bandishti to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with our health. I truly believe that her advice on our lifestyle during COVID-19 was extremely beneficial. After her session, now, I am on a regimen of watching my food intake and constant exercise. I feel really great. The food and ingredients she recommends are available in everyone’s kitchen, nothing fancy or hard to find. I really appreciate the doctor for providing us with valuable health related information. We could not have done it without you.

Srijan Bose | Marketing Analyst – Barclays

   The session by Dr. Manisha Bandishti on 'Pillars of Immunity' was extremely informative and much needed in the times of COVID-19. It is now, more than ever, that we need to work on our immunity. Along with the other pillars of immunity, the pointers on Nutrition were particularly helpful and very well explained by Dr. Manisha. Thank you very much for arranging this and looking forward to more such interactive sessions!

Pooja Whabi | AVP - Barclays

   It was indeed very useful session. Thank you. One suggestion would be to use hands free for effective voice quality.

Ganesh Tiwari | VP – Barclays

Lupin Limited

   Dr Bandishti's seminar on Lifestyle Management to employees at Lupin Research Park was very timely, relevant and informative. The session was highly interactive, with opportunities for discussion and moreover was interlaced with small but critical gems of suggestions entitled Small Changes - Big Differences to keep everyone fit in today's stressful world. The seminar brought the focus back on easy-to-do-things in our daily lives, with small changes in our diet leading to big benefits over time. The simplicity, relevance and accesibility of the approach make it universally applicable, promoting health as a right.

Dr. Venkata P. Palle, Ph.D | Senior Vice President, Discovery Research, Novel Drug Discovery and Development

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ILS Law College

   The ILS Law College, Pune organised a 9-day Lecture Series on 'Law, Gender and Equality' as part of a Personality Development Scheme for girl students, under Student Welfare Department, University of Pune.

We thank you very much for having accepted our invitation and to deliver the lecture 'Take Charge of Your Health' on 7th August 2014. Your lecture was extremely informative and our students benefitted immensely during the interaction with you. We look forward to your continued association with us.

Vaijayanti JoshiPrincipal, ILS Law College

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  • Avaya Limited

      I reached out to Dr. Manisha Bandishti in April 2013. It has been a wonderful experience getting her guidance on the overall health and wellness plan. I was able to reduce 22 kgs over 6 months timeframe. It was a simple combination of the right nutrition and exercise that enabled the fitness process. Today I feel very healthy, energetic and it has helped me manage my back problem more effectively.

    As a result on my transition, I was requested to facilitate a knowledge sharing session by Dr. Manisha Bandishti at our organisation. The employees found her session extremely informative and many of them have benefited through her guidance.

    I would like to recommend Manisha for those who are serious about a healthy lifestyle!

    Roopali Sundar - Avaya



  • Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd

      Dear Dr. Manisha Bandishti and Rajesh, I am sending this note to express my heartfelt gratitude for introducing me to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Today I am blessed with great health!

    I ran 15 kms with my wife and elder son in the “Pune Running Beyond Myself” event yesterday. I would not have been able to enjoy the experience of running with them had it not been for you both.
    Manisha you are an excellent coach. Eating intelligently is an art – you have taught me how not to diet but to eat according to my goals.

    Thank you Rajesh for inspiring me to learn from Manisha. Warm regards.

    PS: I am now preparing to join my family in running the half marathon in Mumbai in January. Wish me luck!

    Anuj Rathi - Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd



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