Dr Manisha Bandishti

Dr Manisha Bandishti


Obesity & Lifestyle Management Consultant

Meet Dr. Manisha Bandishti, a seasoned medical professional with over 30 years of experience. She holds an MBBS degree along with a diploma in Pathology and Bacteriology. Transitioning into the field of Obesity and Lifestyle management, Dr. Bandishti has successfully guided over 6000 individuals globally in her 15 year consulting career.

Dr. Manisha Bandishti is the Founder & Director of the Lifestyle for Health Clinic, an organization that supports Lifestyle and Weight Management. She has been instrumental in establishing a community, where individuals learn a scientific approach to build healthy and holistic lifestyle and empower an attitude to maintain it lifelong.

She is a qualified MBBS and DPB with professional certifications in Fitness Management, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Lifestyle Medicine & Weight Management, Sports Nutrition & Yoga. She brings over 18 years of rich experience and research in the field of lifestyle management and has helped many in gaining better health and making it a way of life.

She is a renowned corporate speaker on topics like Stress Management, Better Lifestyle Management and Nutrition. Her years of research in this field and passion to help people has resulted in many clients achieving their personal health goals and living a better lifestyle.

Dr. Manisha Bandishti provides medically supervised programs based on the scientific concepts of total fitness and is highly experienced in providing comprehensive solutions for lifestyle modifications which are aimed at early intervention and prevention of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes and other heart diseases.

Establishing a society where individuals learn and inculcate a scientific approach to build a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

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